Job-hunting can be an exhausting endeavour reeking with overwhelming guilt and the shame of being jobless. If you’re one of those so-called long-term unemployed, the burden can feel like it’s hijacking your life.

Remember, though, just one or two major undertakings can be the catalyst turning the stalled process into a powerful lift-off. Think about the best way to spark your ambition ignition.

Jumpstarting a Stalled Job Hunt through Optimism

During a period of unemployment, it’s easy to start feeling unaccomplished, unstable and frustrated. However, it’s crucial that one ignore all those feelings and make an effort to be optimistic. Switch on optimism by first admitting to yourself that your job hunt is stalled. An optimistic attitude will lift you out of this misery much more quickly.

An optimistic attitude will support your ability to accurately identify your situation. The ability to identify can help you assess what’s going on and take proper actions within a given situation. Optimism can be motivated by helping you understand your own weaknesses when approaching a job opportunity. Optimism inspires motivation to plan one’s approach logically and accurately.

Additionally, you must make sure that you interact solely with positive people. This is because negative influences can destroy positive thinking. Optimistic thoughts will lead to positive actions, resulting in positive outcomes.

Jumpstarting a Stalled Job Hunt through Networking

Unemployment can be overcome with smart networking. Jumpstart your stalled job hunt by connecting with individuals relevant to your industry. To best do this, become part of a job-hunting group. Meet other unemployed people and plan your job-hunting together. It is vital that you maintain a support system to help you cope with being jobless.

This is because people often start to lose their grip on everyday life during stressful times. The humiliation of being jobless often leads to people stepping back from their social circles. The website can help you connect with other unemployed people. Remember that a job hunt shouldn’t happen online only.

It’s much more effective to search for jobs out in the physical world as well, and this is very easy to do together with others.

Jumpstarting A Stalled Job Search - Reboot & Recharge Now!

Attend seminars, career fairs, career counselling sessions and other events. There you’ll find many more people like yourself hunting for jobs. You might also find organisational leaders, career advisors, inspirational mentors or company recruiters who can give your stalled career a boost.

The more often influential business officials recognise you, the more likely the chances of you landing the perfect job. You might meet one of them again at an interview, and they’ll be impressed by your perseverance, hard work and motivation.

It’s particularly important for someone who’s unemployed to have mentors. Not only can they provide motivation, but they’ll also be able to direct you towards a  path that’s suitable for you. Your mentor can also do a check-up of your resume, conduct a mock interview session with you and help you overcome weak points.

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Jumpstarting a Stalled Job Hunt with Constructive Criticism

During a period of unemployment, a person cannot allow herself to be easily demotivated every time she gets a rejection. In fact, she needs to re-connect with the hiring organisations and find out why she was eliminated from the hiring process.

Learn from the mistakes you uncover and make improvements for the next time. One can speak to mentors, career counsellors and organisation insiders to find out exactly what might be a turn-off within the screening process.

Doing this will provide insights into any weaknesses you may be exhibiting. You might need to improve or enrich your CV. You might need to rethink the way you conduct yourself at job interviews.

Evaluate on a regular basis just how you’re trying to pursue a new job opportunity. Once weaknesses have been uncovered, they can be easily overcome through short-term courses, training and workshops. Criticism should be used constructively rather than taken personally to help jumpstart a stalled job hunt.

Jumpstarting a Stalled Job Hunt by Being Serious

Being jobless doesn’t mean that you should feel like you’ve got no control over anything. During a period of unemployment, one should remain serious and committed to the responsibility of landing a new job.

Jumpstart a stalled job hunt by devising a plan and sticking by it. Adjustments to your plan may be necessary if flaws pop up during regular evaluations. Exercise maturity and logic in all your decision-making.

If you’ve been unemployed for a long time, you may need to come up with an alternative plan. This alternative approach may be a temporary fix, but it could be the best thing for you depending on your personal situation. For instance, you may need to get a part-time job to survive financially.

While working part-time you must continue seriously to pursue all opportunities to find that perfect job as your highest priority. It is important that you don’t remain jobless for too long as it could make an unfavourable impression on your resume. If the need arises, volunteer for an organisation where your involvement could provide a beneficial additional component in your experience history.

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