The New Savvy was founded with the mission of empowering 100 million women to achieve financial happiness. Our team consists of women, to each their own, dedicated to contributing what they can, to achieve our common goal.

From all across the globe, catch a glimpse of each and every member of the original #savvysquad in action. Here we have The New Savvy’s Philippines Ambassador, Beatrix Mercado, sharing her thoughts and dreams for The New Savvy in the Philippines.

In the past, what were some common traits for women in your country?

The New Savvy - Women - Beatrix 1Beatrix: I am always amazed by their time management, how they budget and how hard-working women are in the PH. Like for moms who also has a full-time job, they manage to put their kids to bed, wash clothes, cook for them and do budgeting – all in a day. It’s amazing how they properly manage it and still seem to take care of themselves and do well.

Personally, do you think that they improved and have become more dedicated to achieving their goals (be it personal or professional)?

Beatrix: Yes, more women are now stepping up to work in the corporate and even push through online business (especially for stay-at-home moms). More and more women are now into working especially in the medical industry and as well as the hospitality industry – which is great.

The New Savvy believes in empowering women to achieve financial happiness; Why do you think it is important for the women in your country to be financially savvy?

Beatrix: Single women and most women in the family unit handle the finances in the PH. Given the expenses – our basic daily needs like good, shelter, even gas is now rising in prices and somehow, the PH economic salary is just enough (sometimes less) in order to get by,  women need to be financially savvy, so it can help them maximise and potentially earn other streams of income in order to cover their basic needs and even have their own investment.

How do you think The New Savvy can empower the women in your country?

Beatrix: The New Savvy is very well known and experienced in teaching women on financial management and investments, with the seminars, online courses and even articles; it could really help Filipinas A LOT to manage their finances at any age and at any salary.

What are you personally hoping to achieve for The New Savvy in your country?

Beatrix: Filipinos are natural spenders, any sale they see, they buy right away, also they love to shop which may soon cause debt due to overspending. Most Filipinos have the mindset of “buy now because we have money now” which is sometimes too risky because it normally leads up to debt and in some cases, they get to spend less on more important things.

The New Savvy aims to help Filipinos to manage their finances wisely – know how, when, where and why.

What are your personal financial goals?

Beatrix: Financial freedom. My personal financial goal is to have more streams of passive and active income. I wanted to expand my business all the more, invest in more real estate properties and really learn more about the stock market in depth.

How do you think modern women can be more fulfilled in their lives?

Beatrix: Do what they love to do and not be bound by what the norm dictates them. For an individual to do what she loves and earn from it is very fulfilling, it might be hard but the purpose and the joy as the work is done is very fulfilling.

Any advice for women looking to break gender stereotypes and advance their careers?

Beatrix: Ignore the naysayers. Do not ever think that you are less all because you are female. See womanhood as strength and dignity never as weakness. Do things excellently, your work and success will soon speak for itself.

What is a skill you think all women should learn and why?

Beatrix: Learn how to budget and save. Most women in the PH love to shop especially that online shopping has become such a huge trend nowadays. Women should be aware of where they spend and how they spend and what for.

What is the biggest challenge facing women today?

Beatrix: Judgement, it seems that society portrays us to be “perfect” and not allowed to make mistakes, as if we have this certain standard that we must reach which in the end makes women insecure and doubts about their choices.

How do you improve your financial knowledge? What do you think we can do to improve financial awareness today?

Beatrix: Continuously learn, read books, listen to the podcast and watch financially related YouTube videos. I made it a habit to always continue learning.

Through online courses, YouTube videos and more seminars.

What changes would you like to see more/ or implicated in your country?

Beatrix: I hope that PH individual would be more goal-oriented and do not hesitate to achieve it no matter what the circumstances are. Normally, we just do work for a paycheck but it would be amazing that Filipinos would have a greater purpose to reach as they progress in their careers and not just simply finances.

This would not only advance people financially but even emotionally, socially and spiritually.

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