This is a compendium of recipes for how some people work. The routines, habits, hacks, gadgets and escapes to consistently live their best life at work and at play. While high performance is the common thread, the personalities couldn’t be more diverse, and the gems we found couldn’t be more timely and inspiring.

This interview series is brought by The Great Room Singapore.

  1. What is your morning hack for a productive day?

Kenneth Goh: A brisk walk around MBS and the promenade for an hour with some stretching and deep breathing always helps to start my day right. ( plus I get my 10,000 steps in)

  1. What is the best purchase you have done recently that have upped your game at work? (App/ Technology/ Wellness gadget/ nutrition)

Kenneth Goh: Celery juice with ginger is an amazing pick me up for the mornings and its purported health benefits for eczema sufferers.

  1. What or where do you eat when you are alone for lunch on a workday?  Is there a favourite takeaway spot?

Kenneth Goh: I’m a local Singaporean through and through when it comes to food choices. The Yong Tau Foo across my office is amazing and it’s comfort food for me.

  1. What is the last book you read that created an impact on you and name 1-2 key takeaways?

Kenneth Goh: Diana Vreeland: The Modern Woman. As one of the pioneering editors at Harper’s Bazaar, she really brought a team that curated and created some of the most arresting images that we still use as style references today.

  1. Do you have any piece of clothing or accessory that empowers you when you walk into important business meetings?

Kenneth Goh: My Balenciaga boots or my Celine boots. The extra height is always empowering and just the sound when the boot hits the floor feels authoritative and “you mean business!”

  1. Do you have a favourite place/country you love travelling to that rejuvenates you?

Kenneth Goh: Bhutan was incredible because the energy is second to none and the people and the spirit of the land is so refreshing and so enlightening. It’s not known for its happiness index for anything.

For a quick fix for the soul, I love to visit my folks in Sydney for long walks along the beaches of Bondi and chai latte with almond milk – they make it the best!

Kenneth Goh, Editor-in-Chief / Harper's BAZAAR Singapore

  1. Do you have a favourite quote you live by?

Kenneth Goh: I’m a born Catholic and even though I’m not terribly staunch, I would say a prayer to Mother Mary keeps me grounded and gives me hope each night. Give thanks for what we have because it’s truly bountiful.

  1. If you’re not doing what you are doing now, what would you be doing?

Kenneth Goh: If I could improve my tennis game, I would love to have been a tennis pro. Or a fashion designer because I do love fashion since like forever.

  1. Name 2 things that help you work better.

Kenneth Goh:  Air-conditioning is a must – working from home these past few weeks has taught me that! And lots of healthy snacks like nuts! I’m addicted to cashews!

Continue these sentences:

  • My favourite time-waster is…scrolling through my social media feeds and sending DM’s to my team and myself for ideas and memes.
  • If I am having a really challenging day, I will reset by…playing Donna Summer really loud in the shower and dancing like I just don’t care!

I have an irrational love for … (can be app/ city/ food/ activity/ gadgets):
Kenneth Goh: fresh figs – I will do anything for them. And I do go from hawker centre to hawker centre trying out the fish soup to search out the best!

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