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Like our readers, The New Savvy loves a good story. Our ears prick up when interviews of successful entrepreneurs share his or her story. There’s so much to learn from the history of prosperous business people, hearing them describe their inspirations, and understanding what makes them tick. That’s why we scour the scene of all types of successful businesses to present their leaders to savvy women journeying along their own career paths. Did you know that women have played an instrumental role in building up multi-million dollar companies in some of today’s hottest industries? Think high fashion, luxury goods, groundbreaking environmental tech and the development of popular online dating applications. The New Savvy is keen to present a wide range of success stories of both women and men. So we’ve cast our net and include personal insights from the creative culinary founder of a popular dining and watering hole; we showcase the innovative ideas of a leader in holiday accommodation real estate and delve into the development of one of the world’s most successful blog advertising sites. All of our interviewed businesspeople are successful in industries with the utmost relevance to your world, here and now. Some of their businesses were founded decades ago, and some are brand new to trading. But they all have one thing in common: they were built with great ideas, exceptional communication and contact-building skills, financial acumen and lots of elbow grease. The intriguing questions posed by our journalists bring out the best in real-life experiences of businesspeople who’ve been faced with challenges ranging from start-up capital setbacks, legislative hurdles at home and abroad, stiff market competition, customer service issues and much more. Passion and perseverance are more often than not the keys to propelling a business forward. Our interview guests discuss the thoughts and events that motivated them to tap into their energy stores and build up their dream businesses. It’s up to you women out there to take their insights and apply them to your dreams. The New Savvy taps into the uncharted future too – stay tuned for interviews with up-and-coming entrepreneurs as we present the cream of the crop of promising young entrepreneurs just launching their aspirations. Whether it’s industry-specific details savvy women are seeking or general mindset advice on how to move a career or business forward, there is fodder here for everyone who’s hungry for it. Meet fascinating prosperous businesspeople and discover what makes them tick. Find out how to connect the synapses between their experience, expertise and creativity and your own business planning. Come along and nourish your ambition with these fascinating stories from The New Savvy. Enjoy looking through a window into the hearts and minds of some of today’s most successful businesspeople. Let yourself be inspired by there interviews!

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