It is not easy to change careers and be successful at it. The truth is, it can be quite scary. Regardless of how unhappy you are in your current job, you are used to doing the tasks involved in it. The uncertainty of a new career may seem exciting but it is also mixed with anxiousness and a sense of dread.

Last year, it was reported that there were more job seekers than available jobs in Singapore. This piece of information is one of the things that will make you hesitant to switch careers. What if your new career does not work out? What if your finances are compromised?

Shifting careers can mean a lot of things to some people. Some go through a drastic change by shifting into a different industry. There are those who simply resign from their 9 to 5 job to start a new business.

Regardless of the type of career change that you will do, there are a couple of tips that you need to remember so you can be successful. The transition will be rough at first. But as long as you understand how to go about it properly and you devote some time to planning, then you should be fine.

How to change your career and be successful at it

So how can you change careers without compromising your finances and your lifestyle? After all, these are the two things that will be greatly affected by your decision to shift into a new career. Here are some tips that you can follow.

Important Tips To Change Careers SuccessfullyTake a look at the bigger picture first

Before you take the leap, step back and analyse the situation first. Maybe you are feeling the urge to shift careers because of a recent event that made your job harder than it used to.

If you do something about that, maybe you do not have to change careers. It might be a change in the company management or a personal situation that you are struggling with. If you shift careers for the wrong reasons, you might still be miserable even in your new job.

Understand yourself

The next thing that you have to do is to understand your own strengths and weaknesses. If you really have to change your career, make sure that it is the right one. As mentioned, the transition will be rough. You need to make sure this is really what you want to do each and every day of your life. If you do not have a clue, it will be hard to have a successful career.

Time it properly

The best time to change careers is to do it while your personal finances are strong. If someone is sick in the family or you have a lot of financial obligations, it might not be the best time to compromise your source of income. Delay your plans until you have built enough emergency fund to see you through the transition phase.

This will ease the stress associated with changing of careers. You should also consider the industry that you will shift into. There were a lot of layoffs in Singapore last year. If the industry you plan to go to is included, it may not be the right time to change your career.

Find mentors or a support system

The process of shifting careers will be tough and you need to learn a lot along the way. It is important for you to find a mentor who can guide you through it all. You need the insight of people who have a different perspective than yours – something that is more aligned with the new career that you want to pursue.

Educate yourself thoroughly before making the shift. Not only that, you have to find a secure support system – specifically at home. Your spouse or partner should fully support you in this venture. They may have to shoulder the expenses at home for a while. If you are single, your friends will play a big role in helping you get through this time in your life.

Signs that you should change careers

To change careers successfully means you have to ensure that it is the right move for you at this particular moment. Here are signs that it may be time for you to shift into a new career.

  • Important Tips To Change Careers SuccessfullyYou feel burnt out. Are you feeling worn out and exhausted even in the middle of the day? If you have to drag yourself to work every day, that is a sign that you are no longer enjoying your work.
  • You have to exert too much effort in doing usual tasks. It is possible to produce great output but you have to observe the effort that comes to creating it. This may be a sign that your skills are not suited for the job. If it is, it will not be as hard to do. Try to shift to a career that can utilise your talents.
  • You feel bored. Even if you are earning a high salary, it is sometimes not enough to compensate for the fact that you feel like your job sucks. If you do not feel motivated, you will soon find it hard to stay committed to the job. Even a high salary is not worth it if you feel empty inside.
  • Your choices and output seem pointless. Every output, even if it is successful, should make you feel fulfilled or good about yourself. If not, then your career is probably not helping you meet personal goals.
  • You start thinking that you deserve better. This thought is a sign that there is something lacking in your career. If you think that there is something better out there for you, that deserves your attention. Look into it before you start feeling burnt out.

If these signs are evident in your life, then you need to start asking yourself if you really belong in the career that you are currently involved in. In case it feels like you do not belong, it is high time for you to change careers.

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