One of the biggest mistakes made by entrepreneurs is that they make decisions based on assumptions, not data. While the infographic below does not provide data for specific industries in Singapore, it serves as a good starting point for deriving marketing insights on a higher level.

Sometimes, the data might constitute unexpected input. In terms of smartphone usage, it is already evident on the ground that the adoption rate is sky high in Singapore.

However, it did come as a surprise to us that a huge majority(93%) in the 40-50s age group is also using a smartphone. This provides a huge opportunity for businesses to reach them via online adverts.

That said, we do not see it as a signal to jump into mobile apps production for your company right off the bat. In this article by Techcrunch, they talk about the phenomenon of mobile app fatigue.

For a small business, it is often sufficient to have a mobile-optimized site. Of course, if you are looking at having the site generate leads, it is crucial to look at optimizing the site in areas such as SEO as well as make it social media friendly. What we are sure of is that online space will continue to create more opportunities moving forward.

With a myriad of platforms available online including Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and more & more of it each day, entrepreneurs often ask what is the best way to market their product?

Well, it turns out that the answer lies in their own analytics and customers. We just have to be a little bit nerdier.



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