NTUC Income Future Speak is a forum meant to inspire budding entrepreneurs in Singapore. NTUC Income invited a diverse panel of speakers from various industries. The main theme of the talk was to discuss how these entrepreneurs turned their difficulties into victories.

Here are some advice for entrepreneurs from the NTUC Income Future Speak talk:

Elim Chew

One of the most inspiring entrepreneurs from Singapore, Elim started 77th street. “Today, 77th Street has a stronghold in local street wear fashion and accessories scene with a chain of 12 retail outlets around Singapore, 1 retail training centre at ITE College East and the 77th Street Plaza located in the popular shopping district of Xidan in Beijing, China.
77th Street was the first fashion retailer to win the prestigious “Most Distinctive Brand” of Singapore Promising Brand Award given by The Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME) and Lianhe Zaobao in 2004.”

Her advice?

  1. You need to empower yourself.
  2. Be driven by purpose

NTUC Income Future Speak: Advice for Entrepreneurs

Hong Sin Kwek

A former cyber security business developer, she is now the managing director of Phoenixict. She believes passionately in shaping Asia and developing it into a “crowd economy.”

Hong Sin’s passion and humility shines through her speech. My favourite advice of hers?
“When I wake up, I look into the mirror and smile. I am thankful to be alive because who knows I might not wake up tomorrow.”

NTUC Income Future Speak: Advice for Entrepreneurs

Jonathan Yang

Founder of culinary concepts Muchachos and Daily Cut. Both were born out of “desperation” of wanting to feed himself food he wants to eat. Jonathan spoke about change and how, even though we don’t see or feel it, change is always happening.

“Don’t be afraid to give yourself a pat on the back.”

NTUC Income Future Speak: Advice for Entrepreneurs

Dr Elaine Kim

One of the co-founders of CRIB. Dr Kim shares 2 advice for entrepreneurs:

1) Ask WHY you want to do it
2) Just do it.

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