If you are familiar with Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad, you will know that he always talks about how there are 4 quadrants, Employed, Self-Employed, Business, and Investor.

While there’s a lot of focus on how to make big bucks and build investments, that only happens when you are an investor with lots of capital. While it is important to start investing early, having a big enough income from investing alone really only happens when you have sufficient amount of money to invest.

Entrepreneurship – The Fastest Way to Build Capital for Investment

If you are an employee, you are always trading time for money. Regardless of how much you make per hour, you are always limited to the same 24 hours everybody has. Being self-employed doesn’t make any difference except that you can control how much you are willing to be paid for your time.

“Remember that clients are not paying you for your time or effort, they are paying you for your goods/services delivered by your company.”

The big shift comes when you are a business owner. Remember that clients are not paying you for your time or effort, they are paying you for your goods/services delivered by your company. A good entrepreneur will try to use as much time and effort from other people to fulfil these orders. All of a sudden, you are freed from the 24-hour limit and can scale limitlessly.

Now Is The Time For Women To Embrace Entrepreneurship

For women, the good news is that there is no time better than now to be a woman entrepreneur. Technology is a primary enabler, allowing women to take on roles which are traditionally male-dominated. Social media, a key form of marketing is dominated by women. Women entrepreneur groups and events are popping up everywhere, and society is far more accepting of women in entrepreneurship these days. For more reasons, read Why this is the best time for women entrepreneurs.

Of course, entrepreneurship is by no means a silver bullet and not an easy journey. However, for those who dare to take this path and do well, you may enjoy it so much that you probably will never want to stop working.
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Jackie is the co-founder of LadyBoss.Asia and AmberCreative.sg. She is a strong advocate for women’s rights and seeks to empower women through entrepreneurship and business leadership at LadyBoss, a platform for women entrepreneurs.

Outside work, she’s a self-professed foodie and an avid dancer.

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