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There’s a bit of entrepreneurial spirit in every woman who effectively manages her own finances. The New Savvy provides entrepreneurship tips that can help you figure out whether you have what it takes to start your own business and become a profit-making entrepreneur. There’s advice on finding start-up capital, creating a business plan, setting up the framework for a business and practising efficient time management. Loaded with stories of experience from successful female entrepreneurs, this guide will empower women entrepreneurs who may find themselves in a male-dominated business world. This collection of entrepreneurship tips, advice, business glossaries and motivational food for thought is a valuable resource for established and would-be business owners alike. The road to building an innovative business has many twists and turns and sometimes, roadblocks too. Learn what to expect before taking that plunge into business ownership, and the journey to a successful entrepreneurial professional life will be that much smoother. Innumerable details and decision-making are a natural part of setting up a business. The business model needs to be clearly articulated and judicious. Arrangements must be made for a business structure, whether it is a sole proprietorship, a company, a partnership, a branch office or a representative office. The business needs to be registered and consideration made for working space and online presentation. And the start-up capital and the business valuation must be realistic over the long-term; otherwise, you may run out of funds to be able to continue trading. Funding a business venture, whether it be by injecting capital from your savings, applying for grants or seed funding, seeking a venture capitalist or mounting a Kickstarter campaign, is an important aspect. Assembling workable budgets and monetisation strategies is just half the battle. The big picture requires an entrepreneur to formulate achievable objectives before founding any business. Women who become entrepreneurs need to be superb communicators when their spark of inspiration ignites. Most actively seek fruitful networking communities of like-minded people. Specialised societies, social enterprises and associations, many of them catering to the needs of women, can be a starting point in helping you attain career fulfillment and financial independence. On another level, incubators for entrepreneurs offer ideal opportunities to identify mentors and connect with relevant supporters. Further down the line, there’s the idea of joining a coworking space and sharing an office area with fellow entrepreneurs – a great way to bounce around your ideas and establish more new contacts. One of the best pieces of advice from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs is to learn from the experience of successful businesspeople. This compendium of entrepreneurship tips for women gathers the forums, the relevant vocabulary, the communities and, most significantly, the stories that can ultimately shape how an entrepreneur runs a model business.

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