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Education is a key determinant of success. Women who achieve personal and financial fulfillment most likely have an education that boosts their qualifications and self-confidence in a highly competitive society. The New Savvy discusses education in the context of overall financial planning because women often ask whether the price and time commitment of higher education pay off in the long term. The New Savvy examines the prospects for Masters and MBA students as well as alternative educational opportunities that can build marketable skills for the job market. Enrolling in post-secondary education is not a decision to be taken lightly. Tuition costs may be staggeringly high. A rigorous course schedule and assignments may require foregoing a money-earning job or even quitting the career course you’ve already started. The time investment required to work towards a Bachelors, Masters or Ph.D. may mean that you’ll have no income for several years. Add to that the fact that there will likely be student loans to pay back once you have that degree in hand. One of the most valuable exercises that a woman can undertake is to mull over whether higher education makes sense. The New Savvy reveals a range of thought on this subject, from both the mathematical side regarding income, and the personal side in which women ask themselves what they want from life. Some women go straight to work after high school due to economic necessity or because they need more time before deciding to go on to university. The New Savvy lays out the considerations a woman needs to make before deciding to go to school. Whether it is a BA, BS, MA, MBA or even Ph.D. you’re going for, there are lots of pros and cons to think about. While any university degree may be a prerequisite for a better income, money cannot be the sole determining factor. It’s crucial that your vision for your future matches the opportunities that a degree will afford you. An important step in deciding on your course of action is to identify and honour your own life goals. That course may include higher education, or it may not. Plenty of ambitious women have jumpstarted their career thanks in large part to the opportunities presented by the internet. This guide to education illuminates alternatives to traditional degrees that may completely sync with your life and career goals. We will help you get started, no matter where you find yourself on your educational journey.

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