Starting a new job is never easy. The first few days or weeks adjusting to the fresh environment will always be crucial to your future. It is important to experience a sense of belonging in the new job position. However, acclimating yourself in the organisation does not mean becoming excessively comfortable.

A telltale of professional growth is when women are motivated to clock in more hours to finish tasks.

Professional growth occurs when a certain level of discomfort in your job causes you to take innovative approaches. You can produce ground-breaking results through developing your skills and expertise. Hence, being uberly comfortable in your job can result to counterproductivity.

Excessive comfort decreases the number of responsibilities you overcome. In return, it lowers your rate of professional development, thus reducing your professional growth.

Signs that You’re Feeling too Cosy in Your Job

“It’s impossible to do this!”

Being too comfortable can often lead you to utter these words when faced with difficulties.

Instead of feeling pessimistic and unmotivated, you should double the effort to reach your goals. Because isn’t this what you did when you were new to the job? Such a reaction of rejection from an employee may indicate lethargy, unreliability, and unable to handle crucial tasks.

Supervisors believe that their employees are capable of the responsibilities they assign. Therefore, no task is too big or too stressful for anyone. However, if you are still unmotivated, just remember that “with great power, comes great responsibility”.

The next sign is a holding back from striving for the ultimate result and being content to settle for the most convenient solution. Most new employees push their organisation and themselves so that the best possible results can be obtained.

Too Comfortable In Your Job? Don’t Get Too Cosy At Work!

However, in the case of an overly comfortable situation, employees think less critically and express themselves less often in order to finish the day and go home earlier.

These actions will exhibit a certain disinterest on the part of the employee, which in turn can lead to very few or no promotions – and even dismissal from the organisation.

Another sign is when employees cease looking for better jobs. They stop participating in networking events, updating their career information and checking for new online job posts. Networking is extremely important for building connections with the individuals who can contribute to your career enhancement.

By not practising some outreach, an employee would miss out on more illustrious job positions that might provide better salaries and bonuses. An employee’s biggest worries include being laid off; if this unfortunate event falls upon you, getting back on your career path will prove to be quite difficult.

The final sign is feeling perfectly OK with your monotonous daily work routine and professional responsibilities. This leads to decreased motivation and undermines hidden skills and potential. This lack of motivation can ruin your job performance.

All in all, the ultimate disadvantage would be when others notice your limited abilities. Hence, leaving your career unsalvageable.

Step-by-Step Strategy to Truly Determine if You’re Feeling Too Cosy in Your Job

After recognising some of the small but crucial symptoms of being excessively comfortable in your job, you should implement this step-by-step strategy to put your finger on the situation and decide if there is a need to take action.

The first step is to determine whether being excessively comfortable is a result of internal or external forces.

The next step is to figure out your top priority. Is your priority supported by being excessively comfortable in your job? The final step involves looking at the big-picture job market. Is the situation similar to employees in other organisations? Will take life-changing decisions to change your excessively comfortable situation do you any good?

Actions to Take if You’re Feeling Too Cosy in Your Job

If the reason for your excessive comfort lies with yourself, you might like to have a discussion with your supervisor. The supervisor may be able to assign an employee to manage responsibilities that are more challenging.

Remember that you can experience great professional growth in your career by staying motivated and taking risks.

Krista Bourne, the president of Houston Gulf Coast Region at Verizon Wireless, advises that risk is the ultimate solution to prevent becoming excessively comfortable in a job.

Taking a risk, in this case, might mean getting a new job, working from home or starting your own business. How or if you choose to take a risk career-wise depends on your step-by-step strategy outcome.

For instance, a move from your excessively comfortable job may not be good for your career if you don’t have the right skills for the job market or if being jobless for a while will put financial pressure on your or your family’s lifestyle.

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