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Corporate life in a job you love is a totally upbeat experience. A personally rewarding job brings with it a salary that recognises your work and expertise, but it also gives you a feeling of on-the-job success. The New Savvy shows you how to land the job that’s right for you by offering advice to boost the job search process. Find out how to submit the ideal application, from the cover letter to the resume and interview. It’s also about staying happy in your job, building positive relationships with colleagues and negotiating for the salary you know you’re worth. We offer advice on how to make sure a certain job is right for you, and, if your professional picture isn’t always rosy, how to better deal with stress and improve your time management skills. Women of any age may be at the crossroads of a job search and it’s crucial to know how to approach it. A prospective employer will be looking for a suitable resume and an engaging interview with you. When the job offer does land on your desk, it’s crucial to know the methodology to evaluate that offer. Important financial issues to consider are the benefits package, compensation and bonus schemes. Learn how to negotiate effectively for the salary you’re worth. Relevant social issues include getting to know the company’s culture and values. Prospects are not unimportant either, so don’t forget to examine advancement opportunities within an organisation. Above all, think about whether doing that job day in and day out will truly bring you happiness and personal satisfaction. If those anticipated job offers don’t come through, you’ll need to figure out why. Re-tool your perspective and change your approach. For women who have reached an impasse in the job hunt, this guide is here to help rekindle that motivation. On-the-job training involves a lot more than learning how the photocopier works. The New Savvy offers brilliant insights into modern-day office etiquette and healthy relationship-building with co-workers. Nipping little bullying or harassment issues in the bud is always the right move. For those bigger mistakes anyone can make on the job, remember that your permanent employment record need not be compromised. Discover how to turn negative repercussions into a positive experience. Finally, if you’re in the unhappy position of feeling de-energised or frustrated in your corporate life, know that your dissatisfaction doesn’t have to mean that you start each day with a frown. Let us help you tune up your productivity, assess the reasons for your discontent, improve your outlook and initiate change that has the power to make you happy in your work. The New Savvy is your corporate life handbook. Ambitious women will consult it time and again as they plot their paths to promotions and continuing career satisfaction.

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