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Carving out a career path is an exciting endeavour. It can also be financially rewarding. We offer career advice and tips for success and posts of inspiring women worldwide. CAREER offers shared experiences, advice and knowledge from the experts. This is essential background information for women seeking to advance their financial situation through their professional life. Insider tips from experienced women are here for the asking. You will find advice for all women here. You may be launching a startup, others climbing the corporate ladder or operating as entrepreneurs. The New Savvy hits the nail on the head with the best business and money advice around – and just for women. Advancing your net worth is dependent on success at work. CAREER speaks to achieving financial goals in any stage of a professional life. Both newcomers to the working world and the most seasoned executives will find some gems here. The sections Entrepreneurs, Corporate Life and Interviews are designed to inform, motivate and inspire. Entrepreneurs is dedicated to big-picture issues for women entrepreneurs and also suggests entrepreneurship tips. It portrays the experiences of women and men in various industries. “What’s the future for entrepreneurs?” “What qualities and capital does one need to be a successful entrepreneur?” While divulging their entrepreneurship tips, successful entrepreneurs describe how they’ve avoided failure. How-tos on the essentials of networking and utilizing opportunities like public forums make the Entrepreneurs section a top-notch resource to get started and move on successfully as a woman entrepreneur. Corporate Life is the place to go for career success tips and corporate life advice. Women just starting out on their career path find great advice and strategy suggestions here. And the tips that Corporate Life offers for experienced working women climbing the corporate ladder are insightful and eye-opening. No matter where in the world a woman is at home professionally, Corporate Life is relevant for her. Interviews are the windows into the heart and soul of a variety of specially selected, prosperous businesspeople. These are successful people and entrepreneurs who have made their mark on the business world. It is now time for The New Savvy to speak up about them. The New Savvy’s compelling interviews with these influencers will hit home by opening up fresh financial considerations, stoking inspiration and promoting new points of contact in a wide range of industries!

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