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Be A Contributor – Connect With Discerning Women In Asia

There is no better form of empowerment than through knowledge and The New Savvy advocates female empowerment through financial and career advice tailor made specifically for Asian women.
We speak and engage savvy, smart women who are looking to increase their financial awareness.

If you are passionate to serve women in Asia, register now!

We rigorously screen and choose individuals who personify The New Savvy’s ethos to empower the smart, modern women through better financial habits.

Why Be A Contributor ?


  • Profile information under all your post
  • Your personalised profile page connects readers to your website, social media channels and provides direct communication between readers and your business.


  • The New Savvy focuses on SEO extensively so you don’t have to. We spent tens of thousands of dollars and hours on SEO optimisation. Contribute and ride on our SEO expertise


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The New Savvy is always on the lookout for exclusive content. If you wish to highlight your business or expertise that can benefit our female readers, work with us.

If you wish to advertise with us, kindly take a look at our Media Kit or email us.

If you want to contribute articles, provide us high quality, exclusive content that are in line with our editorial standards. We allow 1 backlink and a bio at the end of the article. We do not accept promotional post masked as content to maintain our editorial integrity.

Here are the guidelines for submitting contributed articles.