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The New Savvy advocates greater awareness and healthier financial habits to women. We aim to provide smart, modern and independent women meaningful conversations that are relevant, practical and interesting.

Women have different needs from men and can benefit from unique financial advice. 41% of women are intimidated by finance and do not invest. Information available can be complex, technical and often, exasperating. We simplify the process to save you time and efforts, by providing dedicated financial insights that are fast, fun and easy to understand.

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Anna Vanessa Haotanto


“Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.”


Anna Haotanto is the founder of The New Savvy. Anna is the President of the Singapore Management University Women Alumni. She is part of the founding committee of the Singapore FinTech Association and heads the Women In FinTech and Partnership committee.

She is passionate about finance, education, women empowerment and children’s issues.

Anna’s story is featured on Millionaire Minds on Channel NewsAsia. She is the host for Channel NewsAsia for Challenge Tomorrow, a FinTech documentary.

Anna was awarded “Her Times Youth Award” at the Rising50 Women Empowerment Gala, organised by the Indonesian Embassy of Singapore. The award was presented by His Excellency Ngurah Swajaya.

Anna has been awarded LinkedIn Power Profiles for founders, Tatler 40 under 40, The Peak’s Trailblazers under 40 and a nominee for the Women of The Future award by Aviva and Goldman Sachs.

She was nominated and selected for FORTUNE Most Powerful Women conference in 2017, 2016 (Asia) and 2015 (San Francisco, Next Gen).

Anna has been featured on CNBC, Channel NewsAsia, ForbesThe Straits Times, Reuters Mone.y, Business Insider, The Peak Magazine, INC, The New Paper, The Edge Singapore & Malaysia, Oxford Said Business School, AsiaOneSingapore Computer SocietyVulcan Post, e27, eFinancialCareers, Singapore Women’s Weekly, 8Days, Asian Entrepreneur and Singapore Management University. She headlines the infocommercial for Lifetime Asia: What does a boss look like? with over 1.7 Million views.

She was the keynote speaker for ASEAN-China Young Entrepreneur forum. 

Anna raised a six-figure funding for The New Savvy within 1.5 years of operation. Previously, she has 10 years of experience in the financial sector. She was a Director at Tera Capital – a private investment firm with investments in China, Singapore and the United States. Her previous work experience includes positions at Citigroup, United Overseas Bank, a regional role in Business Monitor and a boutique private equity firm based in Shanghai.

Anna is proficient in managing assets and providing advice to high net worth clients. Among the numerous awards Anna had received, she was the Top Offshore Senior Client Advisor for 2 years running, within just 3 years of entering the industry.

She graduated from Singapore Management University (Finance and Quantitative Finance).

Anna provides wealth management consultancy for selected clients and conducts workshops on personal finance. She regularly teaches and mentors children and adults on financial prudence and investments, facilitating their ability to be better informed when making financial decisions. Anna gives talks for organisations and is involved in various charities supporting women and children causes.

Anna seeks meaning in focusing her entrepreneurial career on financial literacy as she firmly believes that continuous learning empowers people.


Why, hello there gorgeous!
You must be wondering why a women-only financial, investments and career platform. Why not?
I can give you the rational reasons like why women need their own custom financial advice, that women are less confident with finance as men are and more, but they are covered in FAQ – so head there if you are interested.
What I can tell you, as a matter of fact, and in all honesty is… Finance is my passion, and this is simply something I have always wanted to do.
Since young, I have always been fascinated with the intricacies of the working of money.  I understood that I have to take care of myself and my family and that realization sparked off my wealth-building path. I am lucky to have the opportunity to study and work in Finance. I learnt financial management skills, picked up economic ideas and started investing since I was 21. While I am no expert, I am familiar with financial products and managed to build a comfortable portfolio for myself.
Over the years, my female friends have approached me to share with them on how to invest, how to open a securities account, which loan makes sense, the difference between a bond and a bond fund. Yet, truth be told, even as someone trained in Finance, I don’t want to read yet another stock picks or technical analysis. (JARGONS ARE BORING, yawns!)
As a woman, I want to know how smart financial management can impact my life and how relevant it is to my needs. I want something I can relate to, something that can inspire and motivate me.
I’ve always like sharing ideas and learning. So, what’s better than learning from other women?
Xoxo, Anna
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The New Savvy Team Hong Kong

“I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self-indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival.”Audre Lorde

“The secret of success is consistency of purpose.”

The New Savvy's Methodology

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If you spot a mistake, do let us know, and we will make the relevant correction.
If there are any specific materials you wish for us to research on, we will be elated to hear from you. After all, what better way for us to improve than to get feedback from YOU?
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