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“The New Savvy is instrumental in changing my money habits. It made me assess my financial situation and start learning how to manage my money. It’s my little black book for finance. ”
 Nadia, 38, Finance Manager
“The New Savvy is a thoroughly impressive platform with the best content I have seen to-date. The articles are interesting and very informative. A huge fan!”
Anisha, 32, Entrepreneur
“I used to dislike finance and never looked at my spending habits . I spent all my money shopping. The New Savvy stirred my interest in money management. Now, I am motivated to save and learn more.”
Janet, 35, Marketing Director
“I’m an avid reader of personal finance and love your website. I bought my first stock last week after reading your article. The New Savvy has been transformational in the way I see finance!”
Qian Ning, mid-20s, Human Resource Executive

"All women need to own their financial freedom to build a bright and a successful future, The New Savvy understood that and is providing the perfect platform to help them achieve that."

Mouna Aouri, Founder & Chief Momentum Officer, Woomentum

The New Savvy - Finance -Best Basic Online Courses for Women 1

Best Basic Online Finance Courses for Women

As I wrote in my last column for 2018, one of the best things we can invest in is ourselves. And for this, the World Wide Web can our...
The New Savvy - Finance - Entrepreneur 1

Employee to Entrepreneur: Having the Right Mindset

Being an entrepreneur requires the willingness to take risks. Be it physically, mentally or even financially, transitioning from being an employee in a comfortable corporate lifestyle to an entrepreneur...
The New Savvy - Women - Nina Chua - Featured

How Inara Organics Founder, Nina Chua’s Maternal Instincts Led Her to Become An Entrepreneur

Previously working as a nurse, Nina Chua was exposed to the wonders of Modern Healthcare. However, when she became a mother, Nina decided to take matters into her own...
The New Savvy - Finance -Best Finance Books for Women 1

Best Finance Books for Women for 2019 and Beyond

In identifying the best resources with financial advice for women out there, this week we are looking at the best finance books available at the moment. My list of six...
The New Savvy - Work Life Balance

Work-Life Balance: 10 Tips for Struggling Mothers

Achieving work-life balance can prove to be quite a challenge, especially to first-time mothers. Whether you're a stay-at-home entrepreneur or a corporate executive; being a mother is already a...
The New Savvy - Finance - Mompreneur - Freda

Freda Yuin, Founder of WhiteLabel PR and her journey as a “multipotentialite”

Before Freda Yuin founded White Label PR Agency, she was faced with many uncertainties. It was not a matter of not knowing what she wanted to be, but rather...

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The New Savvy - Finance -Best Money Advice for Women 1

Best Money Advice for Women for the New Year

Happy New Year, ladies! January is the month where I will be featuring what I call “The Best of the Best.”  The first thing we're tackling is the best...
The New Savvy - Finance - Homeschooling 1

The Rise of Homeschooling Over the Traditional School System

With subsidised tuition fees and a wide range of intensive subjects, the education offered in Singapore is considered one of the best in the world. However, there are still...
The New Savvy - Women - Finance - Workout 1

Find the Perfect Workout for Your Lifestyle!

With New Year right around the corner, one of the most overused resolutions is to "workout" or "becoming healthier". However, most people tend to give up on this resolution...
The New Savvy - Finance - 5 better things to do with your year-end bonus 1

5 Better Things to Do with Your Year-end Bonus

Don’t you agree that one of the best things about the end of the year is the year-end bonus? It’s like a lovely Christmas and New Year’s gift rolled...
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The New Savvy - Women - Time Budget 1

Managing Your Time Budget & Enjoy Your Life

Time is money and just like money, every individual has a limited amount of time to work with. By managing your "time budget", you may able to balance your...
The New Savvy - Finance - Christmas -

10 Affordable Yet Cozy Date Night Ideas This Christmas Season!

Even though we do not typically experience winter in Asia during December, Christmas is all about giving thanks and spending time with your loved ones. In this festive occasion,...
The New Savvy - Finance - Money-wise Travel During the Christmas Holidays 1

Money-wise Travel During the Christmas Holidays

Having spent the past two Christmases away from home, I’m convinced that everyone should spend at least one Yuletide holiday overseas. If not overseas, well, then, at least not...

Last Minute and DIY Gift Ideas for Your Friends and Family!

Christmas is coming! If you’re having a tough time coming up with gift ideas for your colleagues, friends or family, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! If you've...

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