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“The New Savvy is instrumental in changing my money habits. It made me assess my financial situation and start learning how to manage my money. It’s my little black book for finance. ”
 Nadia, 38, Finance Manager
“The New Savvy is a thoroughly impressive platform with the best content I have seen to-date. The articles are interesting and very informative. A huge fan!”
Anisha, 32, Entrepreneur
“I used to dislike finance and never looked at my spending habits . I spent all my money shopping. The New Savvy stirred my interest in money management. Now, I am motivated to save and learn more.”
Janet, 35, Marketing Director
“I’m an avid reader of personal finance and love your website. I bought my first stock last week after reading your article. The New Savvy has been transformational in the way I see finance!”
Qian Ning, mid-20s, Human Resource Executive

"All women need to own their financial freedom to build a bright and a successful future, The New Savvy understood that and is providing the perfect platform to help them achieve that."

Mouna Aouri, Founder & Chief Momentum Officer, Woomentum

The New Savvy - Women - Backwards Budgeting 1

Regular budgeting doesn’t work for you? Try backwards budgeting

In principle, budgeting sounds fairly easy. You start with your income, keep track of your expenses, and set aside savings toward your goals. Simple, right? Unfortunately, it’s easier said...

10 Smart Ways to Cut Wedding Costs

It’s a fact: weddings tend to be expensive. There are, however, clever ways to reduce its would-be cost, without sacrificing quality and class. We asked some wedding coordinators for their...
The New Savvy- Life, Relationships-How savvy women make smart relationship choices 3

How savvy women make smart relationship choices

Have you ever heard of the, ‘if she’s so smart, why does she make dumb choices when it comes to a relationship’ trope? Or this excuse, ‘I’ve never had...
The New Savvy - Women - How Much Does it Cost to Get Married in Singapore 1

How much does it cost to get married in Singapore—a frank up-to-date look

It is Valentine's Day tomorrow, So your man popped the question and you said yes, and, you’re getting married! Congratulations! You can look forward to what should be one...
The New Savvy- Savvy women don’t fall for Valentine’s Day Hype-1

Savvy women don’t fall for Valentine’s Day Hype

An older and much wiser woman told me something when I was in my teenage years. She said, “Honey, don’t ever wish for a Valentine’s Day. Wish for a...
The New Savvy - Relationships -What to pack for a Valentine’s Day (or any romantic) weekend getaway 1

What to pack for a Valentine’s Day (or any romantic) weekend getaway

Valentine’s Day this year falls on a Thursday, which has its pros and cons. Chances are, traffic isn’t what it would be on a Friday night or the weekend,...

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The New Savvy - Entrepreneur -best advice from successful women entrepreneurs 1

The best advice from successful women entrepreneurs

It’s an exciting time to be a woman these days. We have more freedom than ever to be anything we want to be, which includes being business owners or...

6 Not-So-Obvious Tricks to Save Money

You’ve definitely heard and read stories of how people saved money and become successful financially. The financially successful people got there with many different methods, such as buying unit...
The New Savvy - Women - Budget Travel

Budget Travel for Women: Places to Go with Only $400

With more and more individuals opting to travel alone; just to unwind and get away from their stressful lives, Southeast Asia has been a hotspot for solo travellers. With...
The New Savvy - Relationships -8 tips to making love and business work 1

8 tips to making love and business work

Mixing business and relationships used to be known as a recipe for disaster. People think that an entrepreneur who wants to start a business with his or her partner...
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The New Savvy - Finance -Best Out-of-the-Box Online Courses for Women Entrepreneurs 1

Best Out-of-the-Box Online Courses for Women Entrepreneurs

Last week we looked at the best online courses for women, in the area of personal finance. This week I’d like to focus on the best online courses for...

Powerful Women in Singapore Tech Leading Change

The tech industry is known to be a male-dominated one, but that’s not to say that there aren’t many remarkable women that continuously inspire and are breaking the glass...
The New Savvy - Women - Farah Evanture

Evanture’s Farah Suhaila on being a Millenial Mumpreneur

Just like any other woman, Farah Suhaila was passionate about fashion. But after she became a mother, Farah's priorities changed - she dedicated her whole life to ensure that...
The New Savvy - Finance -Best Money Podcasts for Women 1

Best Money Podcasts for Women

Ahh, who doesn’t love a good podcast these days? I listen to them when I run, drive, commute, clean the kitchen, or even when I am cooking. They are...

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