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“The New Savvy is instrumental in changing my money habits. It made me assess my financial situation and start learning how to manage my money. It’s my little black book for finance. ”
 Nadia, 38, Finance Manager
“The New Savvy is a thoroughly impressive platform with the best content I have seen to-date. The articles are interesting and very informative. A huge fan!”
Anisha, 32, Entrepreneur
“I used to dislike finance and never looked at my spending habits . I spent all my money shopping. The New Savvy stirred my interest in money management. Now, I am motivated to save and learn more.”
Janet, 35, Marketing Director
“I’m an avid reader of personal finance and love your website. I bought my first stock last week after reading your article. The New Savvy has been transformational in the way I see finance!”
Qian Ning, mid-20s, Human Resource Executive

"All women need to own their financial freedom to build a bright and a successful future, The New Savvy understood that and is providing the perfect platform to help them achieve that."

Mouna Aouri, Founder & Chief Momentum Officer, Woomentum

The New Savvy -Second hand shoping

Secondhand Shopping in Singapore: Save Money by Shopping Smart!

According to CNN, H&M has a stockpile of unsold clothes worth US$4 billion.Sustainable fashion has been at the forefront of change towards an eco-friendly environment. Although renowned apparel...
Yasmine & Dawn on Diversifying your Investment Portfolio #SavvyUpTogether

VSStory Founder, Yasmine & SGBudgetBabe, Dawn on Diversifying your Investment Portfolio #SavvyUpTogether

It’s been 5 months since the #SAVVYUPTOGETHER squad met up for the first time. After revealing their respective pairings - each participant-financial expert duo was able to talk about...
Doralin & Lionel on Saving More than You Spend #SavvyUpTogether

Doralin Kelly & Lionel of cheerful.egg on Saving More than You Spend #SavvyUpTogether

It’s been 5 months since the #SAVVYUPTOGETHER squad met up for the first time. After revealing their respective pairings - each participant-financial expert duo was able to talk about...

How to Network at Corporate Events

Stressful, exhausting, and absolutely great for your career – corporate networking is a mixed blessing. On one hand it means an evening of slightly forced conversation and standing around...

IG Asia’s trading platform, key features that make IG different from other online trading...

A few weeks after signing up for IG Asia’s newest trading platform, Yasmine Khater, Founder of VSStory, has familiarised herself better with the key features that make IG different...

Abortion in Singapore – What You Must Know

Although the topic of abortion is debatable and has divided communities all over the world as “pro-life” and “pro-choice”. Singapore is one of the hundreds of other countries where...

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Do’s and Dont’s in organising a children’s party

Not all of us are pros at organising a party for kids. That’s why it isn’t surprising that some parents or guardians are at a loss about how to...

Retreat spots in Hong Kong!

Amid the hustle and the bustling lives in the city, there are certain spots in Hong Kong that preserve the culture and calmness of the good old days. Although tourists...

10 Coworking Hotspots in Southeast Asia

Gone are the days where sitting at your desk from 9 to 6 produce maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Today, the importance of collaboration and networking has actively spread throughout...

In What Small Business to Invest in 2018?

When you have the cash, coming up with the better idea than keeping it on your bank account is recommended. And one of the best things you can do...
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Sharene Chen, Founder of Pastel Hues Design

Sharene Chen, Founder of Pastel Hues Florals on overcoming challenges when building her business

DELEGATE: Tell us more about yourself(Sharene, Founder of Pastel Hues Florals)I am a mother of an 18-month-old baby girl, whom I adore and am very grateful for. I am...

Help your kids become money-savvy!

It is never too early nor too late to understand Financial Literacy. In fact, most parents wish to instill good financial habits in their child at an early age....

The New Savvy Is Three!

Today, we celebrate the third year that The New Savvy has been around.Anna Haotanto founded the company with the mission of empowering 100 million women to achieve financial...

Travel Tips 101

We’ve all been there - staring at your unpacked suitcase, wondering which clothes to bring, losing an item while overseas you knew was just there a while ago, or...

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