Be A Savvy Specialist

Connect With Discerning Women In Asia

Savvy Specialist is a comprehensive marketing service for professionals who are passionate to serve women in Asia.

We rigorously screen and choose individuals who personify The New Savvy’s ethos to empower the smart, modern women through better financial habits. Following a comprehensive assessment process, professionals will be selected to join the Savvy Specialist program.

Who Is Savvy Specialist for?

• Finance experts, lawyers, career advisors, wealth planners, real estate professionals, business and leadership coaches.

• Organisations keen to reach out to women in Asia about financial literacy or professional development.

• Anyone with a female-focused business and have the desire to improve the lives of Asian women.

How Savvy Specialist can help you


• Profile information in Savvy Specialist – our directory of industry experts

Quick stats:
*88,000 monthly page views
*45,000 Facebook fans
*16,500 newsletter subscribers
*9300 Instagram followers


• Your personalised profile page connects readers to your website, social media channels and provides direct communication between readers and your business. Readers can choose to opt directly into your mailing list.


• The New Savvy focuses on SEO extensively so you don’t have to. We spent tens of thousands of dollars and hours on SEO optimisation. Be part of our Savvy Specialist to ride on our SEO expertise

EDITORIAL ASSISTANCE   Membership fees apply

• Even if you weren’t blessed with the gift of gab, we will have a top-of-the-line digital content writing specialist to help you effective reach your target customer.

• 1 article/month to showcase subject expertise
(Digital content assistance is available if needed. Articles will be thoroughly edited by our in-house editor.)

• Amplification of articles to The New Savvy’s fast-growing community of:

• Your articles will be published on our site every month and will be included in our newsletter, which is delivered to inboxes of smart, educated Asian women 20 – 45 years old.

• Articles will be displayed on our homepage and category pages.


• Think of us as the therapy your brand’s always needed. Our coaching service will work with you to develop, execute and amplify your existing brand. You will receive feedback, support and actionable plans to build rapport with our readers and your target customers.

Why The New Savvy?

• Forget traditional methods – we’re perfectly amalgamating the art of branding, digital marketing and specialisation through digital presence, bespoke content and email marketing and social media strategy.

There is no better form of empowerment than through knowledge and The New Savvy advocates female empowerment through financial and career advice tailor made specifically for Asian women.

Our knowledge and expertise of the digital space have garnered us a rapid growth when it comes to brand, audience and digital presence, resulting in over 45,000 engaged Facebook fans, 88,000 monthly page views, 16,500 email subscribers and 9,300 Instagram followers.

We’ve been featured and are partners with some of the leading media brands: CNBC, Business Insider, Fast Company, The Straits Times, Yahoo! Finance, AsiaOne, CPF Board, Focus Malaysia and others.

Complete list of The New Savvy Press & Partners 

Why Do You Need Digital Branding?

• The multitude of personal devices that every individual is carrying at any given time mean it gives you the ability to communicate directly, effectively and interactively with your target consumers or customers. Digital branding goes beyond just posting Facebook updates on your brand’s Page daily – it combines creativity and data to make sure effective content marketing is delivered where your target consumer is interacting digitally.