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The New Savvy is a financial and career website that focuses on empowering women. We connect with a discerning, engaged readership by providing meaningful content.
Women are hailed as the world’s third largest “emerging market”, after China and India. A Boston Consulting Group survey concludes that by 2028, women will be responsible for about two-thirds of all consumer spending worldwide.
The New Savvy is the ideal platform to reach these select decision makers.
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"All women need to own their financial freedom to build a bright and a successful future, The New Savvy understood that and is providing the perfect platform to help them achieve that."

Mouna Aouri, Founder & Chief Momentum Officer, Woomentum

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“The New Savvy is instrumental in changing my money habits. It made me assess my financial situation and start learning how to manage my money. It’s my little black book for finance. ”
 Nadia, 38, Finance Manager
“The New Savvy is a thoroughly impressive platform with the best content I have seen to-date. The articles are interesting and very informative.”
Anisha, 32, Entrepreneur
“I used to dislike finance and I never looked at my spending habits and used to spend all my money shopping. The New Savvy stirred my interest in money management. Now, I am motivated to save and learn more. A huge fan of The New Savvy!”
Janet, 35, Marketing Director
“I’m an avid reader of personal finance and love your website. I bought my first stock last week after reading your article. The New Savvy has been transformational in the way I see finance!”
Qian Ning, mid-20s, Human Resource Executive

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