MILESTONES: These are life changing events for women. Women need to know how to cope financially when their status changes due to marriage, divorce, raising children, death, and financial upsets like losing one’s job or bankruptcy. Protecting one’s own financial affairs and preparing for unexpected life events like unemployment, divorce and death means that women can also protect loved ones from financial demise.

Marriage has an undeniable impact on a woman’s finances from Day One. This section on wedding costs and marriage advice for women has practical suggestions to get a marriage off on the right financial foot. There are legal considerations, including prenuptial agreements and power of attorney that affect a woman’s financial status. There are matters of joint accounts, taking on a spouse’s debt and forging common ground with a spouse on financial goals.

Divorce is the section no newlywed ever think they need. However, marriage separation & divorce advice for women is an essential element of any savvy woman’s knowledge portfolio. Valuable in-depth topics focusing on the finances of divorce include: how to get suitable legal advice, understanding the ins and outs of custody issues, and preparing a financial battle plan in the case of separation and impending divorce or annulment.

Children is a section sharing a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experiences. It is a unique kind of motherhood guide and advice on having children. The financial impact of becoming a mother can be huge. Think of pre-natal classes, aspects of pregnancy involving new purchases, delivering a baby, providing a child with the necessities of life, and cutting back on income during maternity leave. All this and more is addressed from the perspective of money management here at The New Savvy.

Death has far-reaching tendrils in terms of financial effects. Death support, inheritance and legal advice are critical topics to be explored sooner rather than later. Considering the consequences of a loved one’s death requires a fundamental background in legal matters like wills, taxes and inheritance laws. This section also provides pragmatic advice and support for women on dealing with a death of someone close to them.

Unemployment/Bankruptcy. Unemployment & bankruptcy advice for women is critical these days. In times of global financial uncertainty, it’s essential to be armed with the necessary legal knowledge that can ensure fair compensation in the event of job layoffs, redundancy or early retirement packages. In this section, there is also a wealth of valuable information on how to deal in money management terms with bankruptcy, a life event with the potential for extreme financial upheaval.