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The New Savvy is always on the lookout for partners who are passionate about personal finance, career and women-related issues. Get in touch at . Let’s hustle together!

  • Volunteer 

As a new startup, we always need more help and expertise. Join us as a volunteer. We need help in growth hacking, content writing / editing, social media, event organising , advice and more. Be part of the change!

  • Guest Contributor or Expertise Highlights

The New Savvy is always on the lookout for exclusive content. If you wish to highlight your business or expertise that can benefit our female readers, work with us.

If you wish to advertise with us, kindly take a look at our Media Kit or email us.

If you want to contribute articles, provide us high quality, exclusive content that are in line with our editorial standards. We allow 1 backlink and a bio at the end of the article. We do not accept promotional post masked as content to maintain our editorial integrity. Here are the guidelines for submitting contributed articles.

Join Us At The New Savvy

  • Interviews

If you or anyone you know has an inspiring story that we can tell, let us know! The New Savvy will love to interview CEOs, founders, business people or career powerhouses. Let us tell the world your story, your brand and your views on personal finance and women issues.

  • Ambassador 

We are looking for ambassadors to lend us a digital hand. You are a savvy internet influencer who we can rely upon to spread the word about our content, acts as our first line as feedback and our reliable go-tos for publicising vital information and new initiatives.

  • Social Media Superstar

Are you social media expert who has a few ideas on how we can maximise the reach of our content? Or, maybe, you wish to give us some ideas and pointers on how we can do better.

  • Finance Websites

The New Savvy collaborates with leading finance sites to offer our readers an alternative voice. This facilitates idea exchange and promotes greater financial awareness.

  • Writer Extraordinaire

Are you are a writer and wish to contribute to our platform? Contact us now to see how we can collaborate.

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